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Jamie Quantrill is a cinematographer working in the U.K. and internationally. Having graduated art school in 2001 he spent his first twelve years in the film industry working as a senior video editor, producer and writer/director as part of several successful production companies. His work during this period was exhibited on broadcast platforms, at film festivals and screenings world wide. Since his move behind the camera he has lensed commercials and online content for some of the biggest brands in the world and long form narrative and documentary films for numerous award winning filmmakers. His wealth of experience in a variety of roles, his vast technical knowledge and passion for visual storytelling makes him an invaluable Director of Photography.

Selected Credits
'Loss' (Fiction Feature (Working title)) Dir. Daniel Sayer - Rabblewise (In pre-production)
'The Lost Ones' (Short) - Dir. Michael Whitby - Film & Video Umbrella/Jerwood (In post)
'Alba' (Fiction Feature) - Dir. Daniel Sayer - Rabblewise (In post)
'Moose Latitudes' (Documentary Feature) - Dir. Michèle Noach - Arctictoc. (In post)
'Felt Tip' (Video Installation. Camera & Lighting Consultant/DoP) - Dir. Elizabeth Price - Walker Art Center/Film & Video Umbrella/Nottingham Contemporary
'Likeness' (Video Installation) - Dir. Simon Fujiwara - Lafayette Anticipations  
'The Iron Woman' (Video Installation) - Dir. Mikhail Karikis - Whitechapel Gallery/Film & Video Umbrella
'Listening in the Dark' (Short) - Dir. Maeve Brennan - Film & Video Umbrella/Jerwood.
'A Virus Walk Into A Bar' (Short) - Dir. John Walter - Smart/HOME/CGPLondon/Welcome Trust.
‘Hit The North' (Fiction Feature) - Dir. Daniel Sayer - Rabblewise.
‘Together’ (Video Installation) - Dir. Lucy Beech - Tate Britain.
‘Walk Of Shame’ (Short) - Dir. Maisie Buck - Channel 4 Random Acts/Fly Film/Screen South.
‘Joanne’ (Short) - Dir. Simon Fujiwara - Film & Video Umbrella.
‘Pharmkon’ (Short) - Dir. Lucy Beech - Welcome Trust.
‘The Eye That Articulates Belongs On Land’ (Short) - Dir. Karen Kramer - Film & Video Umbrella/Jerwood.
'Late Night With Albin & Bibita' (Short) - Dir. Jake Wynne - Listeners Project.
'Me and Mine' (Short) - Dir. Lucy Beech - Film & Video Umbrella.
'Results That Move You' (Short) - Dir. Lucy Beech - Film & Video Umbrella.
'The Top Ten Reasons I'm Amazing' (Short) - Dir. Frank Madone - Square Speaker Productions.
'The Care Worker' (Fiction Feature) - 2nd Unit DoP & Camera Operator - Dir. Asa Bailey - Focus Media.
'Eight Items' (Short) - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince.
'Brolio Ivartis' (Short) - Dir. Guy Myhill - First Light/Seachange Arts.

'House99 by David Beckham - 1st Anniversary' - Dir. NDVD | Nicolas Davenel & Vanessa Dumont - Heko
’Bringing Asia Together - AFC Asian Cup 2019' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Twelfthman. 
'NatWest - Receipts' - Dir. Joel Kafetz - Greenrock TV
'RBS - Receipts' - Dir. Joel Kafetz - Greenrock TV
'House99 by David Beckham' - Dir. NDVD | Nicolas Davenel & Vanessa Dumont - Vice.
‘Microsoft - Asha’ - Dir. Max Fisher - Beast - FCBInferno.
‘Adidas - Stella McCartney’ - Dir. Orlando Cubitt - The Smalls.
‘Harringtons’ - Dir. Chris Gaffey - Ink Films
‘Accu Chek - Bring Relief' - Dir. Chris Gaffey - Beast - Sudler & Hennessey GmbH.
’Unison - Always With You' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - Good Agency.
’Tommy Hilfiger - THFlex' - Dir. Orlando Cubitt - Documovie - Condé Nast.
’Prezola - GQ' - Dir. Orlando Cubitt - Documovie - Condé Nast.
’NS&I - Life Of Surprises’ - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - The Team.
’Woolmark - GQ' - Documovie - Dir. Adam Lewin - Condé Nast.
'Shreddies Nana State' - Dir. Max Fisher - Generator Films - McCann.
'Made In The Royal Navy' - Dir. Max Fisher - Generator Films - WCRS.
'Richard and Adam At The Movies' - Dir. Chris Gane - Vince - The Design Corporation.
'Russell Watson - Only One Man' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - The Design Corporation.
'FairFX - Hostess' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Pride & Joy - MBA.
'Dominos Pizza - Delivering the Movies - Zombies' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Pride&Joy/Big Communications.
'Dominos Pizza - Delivering the Movies - Swat' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Pride&Joy/Big Communications.
'The Silent Killer - Gas Safe' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince.
'AIG - Cancer Cover' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - Roundtable.
'Pizza Express' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - Adam&Eve.

Music Video
'Queen of the Universe' Jack Adapter - Dir. John Walter.
'Reach You' Sam Winston - Dir. Jake Wynne - Gepetto Records.
'Filter Me Through You' The Dream Syndicate - Dir. Nick Edwards - Anti.
‘Broken Bones’ Greta Svabo Bech - Dir. Jamie Quantrill - Documovie.
‘Runaway’ (Live) Clean Cut Kid - Dir. Jamie Quantrill/Suresh Kara - Documovie.
‘The Girl’ Dr Dog - Dir. Jamie Quantrill - Foundations Music/Rough Trade.
‘Half Smile’ Weevil - Dir. Jamie Quantrill - Wichita.
‘Fool’s Life’ Dr Dog - Dir. Jamie Quantrill - Foundations Music/Park The Van.